Stay At Home : Learn New Skill During Lockdown | Tips for Skill Development During Lockdown in COVID-19

Tip for lockdown skill, self skill development,
Skill Development During Lockdown

As the world is fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 130 countries have now closed schools nationwide, impacting nearly 80% of students of whole world. This is unprecedented; the world has never seen this many children out of school at this time
. So in this situation we should stay home and Boost your Technical knowledge and more. In this Article I'll explain about what you should actually do in this Lockdown and how to make better yourself. 

Plan Your Target:

In this step you've to set your target that what you want to do or what's your passion or which work do you enjoy. For example...
  1. Art , Dance, Singing , Sketch
  2. Play Musical instruments
  3. Learn English or Other Language like French, Hindi, Japanese etc.
  4. Learn Programming Languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python , Android etc.
  5. Learn Ethical Hacking 
  6. Learn Web Development
  7. Improve your Communication Skill 
  8. Learn Crafting or Gardening
  9. Learn Food making
  10. You can also enjoy Indoor Game
Above the given example is applicable for all age person. When you set your target and use your everyday, like a golden time. I sure, it gives you internal pleasures and good for your carrier.

Choose Best Places in your house:

Yes! It's very important to make your better performance in your goal. I sure you've your personal room in your house but somebody haven't so choose a best place in your house and clean it (if possible decorate it) because clean area or room give you good environment and Make a card and stick on wall in front of you and read that every day and think positive about your goal. 
Tip for lockdown skill, self skill development,

Work on Your Target:

You need a very big reason to complete your goal, so find a big reason which emotional you and you can do anything for that. You know? Great man always says that "Everything is possible if you believe it". Everyday give contribution in your target then, one day I sure you will be successful person in your life. Complete every day shot goal to achieve a Big goal in your life and also do care yourself don't think negative things that you make weak physically. Always wake up in the morning with full positive energy complete your daily-life routine.
"I don't think anybody had envisaged a situation where customers would start asking for insurance, so the regulatory body was looking at something anew".
     Yashish Dahiya, Co-founder & CEO, Policybazaar.com 

And also take care yourself and your family, Do help your Mom in kitchen or any house work. I know you're very good member in your family and very responsible. In a situation like this it is normal to feel sad, worried, confused, scared or angry. Learn how students in the affected countries keep learning and stay positive in times of uncertainty.

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