Windows OS: How to Install Windows 10, 8 , 7 | How to Format PC using Pendrive

Hello! In this article I'll explain about how to Format and Install Windows Operating system (like Windows 7,8,10) on your PC (Personal Computer). and How to Download Windows ISO file for free and also this all iso file is free to use so keep follow step by step our instruction. Here I clear all doubts related to Windows Installation. Actually almost everyone should know how to install Windows on your PC because 

Windows OS:

Microsoft Windows is commonly known as Windows which is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) Operating system. It is developed and marketed by Microsoft. It is very popular operating system. A hug peoples are like to use Windows OS because it is easy to use and it very good features at least price.

Requirements tools to Windows Installation:

Before Installation you've to need some tools and preparation as following:
  1. Pen drive
  2. ISO File
  3. Rufus
  4. crack key for Activate your Windows
  5. and you also need check your system configuration. 
Note: Before Installation you need to save your data form the desktop or C drive because when you format your drive then all data are lost from the C drive. 

How to Download Windows ISO File Free:

An ISO file, often called an ISO image file, In this file windows all Operating systems tools are available given by Microsoft so you need to go to Microsoft Official website and download ISO Image file on your system. and be sure your system supports 32 bit or 64 bit then according to system support click download an Image file.

Download Windows 10 : Click Here

when you click this link you've download Media Creation Tool then Install it and follow the instruction of media creation tool and Download ISO image file from there according to your system requirements. 

How to Make Bootable Your Pen-drive:

After downloading An ISO Image file then you need to make bootable your pendrive. So you need a software to make bootable Actually you can also make bootalbe through cmd but here we introduce a very easy software called Rufus. Rufus is a software that make bootable your pendrive to Install windows or any os.

Step - 1
              Download Rufus software Click here and install on your PC.

Step - 2
            After Installation, open it and Select your pen-drive or CD which you want to make bootable. and select NTFS, and finally Select your ISO image file. Click Start. when you click start then it ask to Format your Pen-drive or CD then you should all click yes or Ok. 

Step - 3
            after waiting aprox 30 Min it will be completed then click close. and remove your pendrive or CD. Now your pen-drive ready to bootable. 

How to Install Windows 10:

After make bootable your pendrive then insert in that computer system which you want to Format or Re-Install Windows 10. then Restart your computer and when computer started without delay click boot menu key like F10, F3 or Esc button (Different PCs has different boot menu you can search your PC Name and model on google for boot key). After click boot key then you'll see on desktop there are Drive list in black screen, Select your pendrive and hit Enter. Then select your country and Language click next and wait for aprox 40 Min.
and Only you should click next and ok then your window is ready to install.

How to Activate Your Windows:

When we talk about windows activation then we've already a post upload about windows activation you should go to that page Click Here

Dear Readers! If you've face any problem during windows installation or activation then you can ask below the comment section we'll Reply within 1 hour. 

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