Partition Lock: How to Lock Your Drives in Computer | How to use BitLocker Drive Encryption Tool

Hey there! Privacy is most important for everyone, almost all peoples have private data that is only viewed by admin or his best friend. In that case, generally, they are hide these folders but it's not 100% secure here you need third party software. But you can also lock your drive and make private. So in this article, we'll talk about the windows BitLocker Drive encryption tool which is totally free and secure.

Why we need the BitLocker Drive Encryption tool? Because it is very secure and free to use and this tool is can't be unlocked without a password or recovery key. it is provided by Microsoft. So many peoples are certifying. and they are happy to use it.

STEP - 1

First of all, you need to open the Control Panel from the Start button and click it. as given below.

STEP - 2

After opening the control panel then you'll be able to see the top of the window Category option then click there and select Large Icon Option. as given below-

STEP - 3

After clicking a large icon option then you'll see so many options, You'll search the BitLocker Drive Encryption tool and click it.

STEP - 4

Here Select your drive which you want to Lock "Remember if your drive has so much data then it take some time so don't worry it's ok after completed 100% it's done. Then click Turn BitLocker On When you. Now this step you've to save your Recovery key, Suppose when you forgot your drive password then using this recovery key you'll be able to unlock again your drive and access all your data. Here You've four option to save your recovery key the 1st one is 

STEP - 5

This is Final Step, in this step you've to choose your password and click next. After some time you'll be able to see on your Drive a Lock Icon that is the symbol to this drive is Encrypted. Now your PC needs to Restart. After restart your computer, when you open This PC then your that drive is Locked one who you Encrypted sometime before. Now you can access your data when you fill your drive password.

Please follow the above instruction this is 100% secure and free. If you've any question then you can ask me below the comment section and you can also watch this below the Video where we Practically explain in Video.

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