Objective type questions in OS with answers Answer 2020

Objective type questions in OS with answers Answer 2020
Objective type questions in OS with answers Answer 2020

1. World Wide Web is being stranded by 

    A. Worldwide Corporation
    B. W3C
    C. World Wide Consortium
    D. World Wide Web Consortium

2. The first UNIX operating system was written in

    A. Java
    B. Pascal
    C. Programming C
    D. Machine Language

3. Which of the following operating does not implement multitasking truly?

    A. Windows XP
    B. Windows 98
    C. MS DOS
    D. Windows NT

4. DOS stands for
   A. Disk Operating Signal
   B. Disk Operating System
   C. Disk Orientation System   D. Disk Orientaional Signal

5. What is Operating System?

   A. It acts as an interface between the hardware and application programs.
   B. It is a collection of programs that manage hardware resources.
   C. It is a system srevice provider to the application programs.
   D. All of the above

6. ______ is not the category of operating system's task.

   A. Memory management
   B. File management
   C. Virus Protection
   D. Processor management

7. What is name of the batch file that is automatically run when MSDOS is booted?

   A. Config.sys
   B. Config.big
   C. Run.bat
   D. Autoexec.bat

8. What is the first process launched by the Linux kernel?

   A. boot process
   B. init process
   C. batch process
   D. zombie process

9. Full form of MS-DOS is

   A. Microsystem Disk Operating System
   B. Microsimple Disk Operating System
   C. Microsoft Disk Operating System
   D. Microsort Disk Operating System

10. Which is valid extension that user creates on operating system?

   A. Com
   B. Bat
   C. Sys
   D. Exe

11. What is the name of the program that controls the overall functions of computers?

   A. A Browser
   B. An application porgram
   C. The Operating system
   D. The file manager

12. ________ operating system is the most widely used for personal computers.

   A. Linux
   B. Unix
   C. Windows
   D. Machintosh

13. When the computer is already ON, then the process to restart it is called

   A. shut down
   B. cold booting
   C. warm booting
   D. logging off

14. Operating system is also known as

   A. Printer
   B. Database
   C. Hardware
   D. System software

15. The ____ commands are those which need external files to perform their action.

   A. Pipe
   B. Wild
   C. Internal
   D. External

16. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the

   A. loader
   B. assembler
   C. compiler
   D. operating system

17. What is the most important type of system software in a computer system?

   A. Tally
   B. Operating System
   C. Mozilla Firefox
   D. Web browser

18. Which was the first Microsoft operating system?

   A. MS-DOX
   B. MS-DOS
   C. Windows 7
   D. Windows 8

19. _____ is called as program in execution.

   A. Process
   B. Procedure
   C. Function
   D. Instruction

20. While working with MS-DOS which key is used to get the previous command used

   A. F1
   B. F6
   C. F3
   D. F9

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