Linux OS | MacOS | Windows: Which OS is better, Windows, macOS, or Linux?

Hey there! I'll try to explain the very easy way and try to give you the best information about Linux, macOS, and Windows according to my experience, knowledge, and research on the Internet so read carefully and try to understand.

Linux OS | MacOS | Windows, Which OS is better, Windows, macOS, or Linux?
Linux OS | MacOS | Windows
I describe here according to their different perspectives and priorities.
  1. Which OS would make the user become smarter when using overtime? Linux > Mac OS > Windows
  2. Which OS dominated the office? Windows > Mac > Linux
  3. Which OS is free? Linux
  4. Which OS is easier to install? Windows > Mac OS > Linux
  5. Which OS has a better GUI? Mac OS > Windows > Linux (well try out Deepin, it’s really advanced)
  6. Which OS is better for back-end software developers? Linux > Mac OS > Windows
  7. Which OS is better for front-end software developers? Mac OS > Linux > Windows
  8. Which OS is better for C# and .Net developers? Windows > Linux > Mac OS
  9. Which OS may transform user to become software developers? Linux > Mac OS > Windows
  10. Which OS will become slower after a certain time of use? Windows > Mac OS > Linux

Windows :
  • If you have decent hardware, then Windows will operate quite good.
  • If you're just planning to do your day-to-day common tasks, playing with your presentations, documents, etc then Windows is good.
  • If you're using it for playing games, then the majority of games are available on the Windows platform.
  • If you're going to do basic programming, then Windows has software available for that. ( Although advanced programming compilers are also available, Linux is better in terms of program efficiency/optimization ).
  • If you want hassle-free maintenance & repairing of your OS, then Windows is the choice for you.
Linux :
  • If you don't have high specs hardware, Linux will still run on your machine flawlessly. On the other hand, if you have decent hardware, Linux will run buttery smooth. (The thing is, Linux uses very less hardware footprint for its internal use, so as a benefit more hardware resources are available for user applications, hence faster UI/UX).
  • If you want minimal OS components, no bloatware services/processes, then you can strip down components of Linux and make it as lightweight as you want.
  • If you want to do programming, then Linux has quite faster compilers and interpreters available.
  • If you are keen to understand the internal workings of OS, and dedicated to solving your OS problems yourself, then Linux is good for you. ( Comparatively repairing Linux is more challenging than Windows, you've to manually search what went wrong and know the right commands to correct it. Note that, I'm only talking of software issues, hardware issues rectification has nothing to do with the OS ).

MacOS :
  • If you have a heavy pocket ( loads of money ), then go for MacOS. Buying MAC is costlier than both Windows & Linux, mainly because of the underline hardware from Apple Inc. on which it runs. ( Though nowadays, there are third-party modders who have successfully ported it for other hardware as well but mind it, that's not official. They go by the name Hackintosh”.
  • If you want your PC to look like a status symbol, then go for MAC. ( MAC has a reputation in the market, both due to its high cost & quality make ).
  • If you're are a guy who likes to do what he is told to do & don't want to explore other world, then MAC is for you. ( Lots of restrictions for using the software are there in MAC, though they say that it is for so-called “security reasons” ).
  • Just like Windows, if you like hassle-free maintenance, then MAC is also good for you.
  • If you wanna pay for each & every software that you want to use, then MAC is the choice for you. ( Except for some popular free software, most other big software are paid. Actually, they are also paid in Windows too, but you'll mostly find cracks for using them for free. NOTE: I'm not supporting piracy in any way, I recommend buying the software that you use ). Rest you know.

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