Surface Web, Dark Web, Deep Web: All about Web Technology that you should know

Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web
World Wide Web
Hey There! Welcome back, In this season we'll discuss very interesting topics named, Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web so keep concentrate and try to Understand. Mainly our focus on Dark Web because most peoples have misconceptions about this topic.

Warning: This information is only for education purpose so we suggest you to not do any illegal work on the internet, This may put you in trouble.

What is Web?:

The Web or World Wide Web (W3) is the universe of network-accessible information, an embodiment of human knowledge. generally 3 types of the Web.

  • Surface Web
  • Deep Web
  • Dark Web
Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web
World Wide Web

 What is Surface Web?

The surface web is the normal web that is visible for all users using the internet. The websites on the surface web are indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Excite Yandex, etc. The Surface Web is the approx 5% of the World Wide Web (WWW). The surface web is accessible by the normal browser like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Opera, etc. these browsers access the only surface web. 

What is the Deep Web?

The opposite term to the Surface Web, the deep web is a hidden web it is not indexed by the standard search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.). When the user wants to share any sensitive information or data to a limited person then they use Deep Web. For example, all Banks are storing his information on Deep Web that means all data are invisible publicly, only the limited persons can access it. all back-end databases are the deep web etc. 

What is the Dark Web?

Finally, we'll talk about The Dark Web. the Dark Web is a component of the deep web that describes the wider breadth of content that does not appear through regular web surfing. When we talk about definition then: The Dark Web is the encrypted network that exists between Tor servers and their clients, whereas the content of databases that cannot be indexed by conventional search engines. The Dark Web is totally illegal so you never go on those platforms.  

Dark Web Content:

The dark web is filled with illegal content (very bad) such as:
  • Illegal porn(child abuse, animal abuse, rape scene)
  • drug and weapon market
  • bitcoin scam
  • Red Room
  • illegal software and much more..
Almost all sites on the Dark Web hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool. We've already discussed about Tor Browser. You can use Tor to hide your identity and spoof your location. If you want to access Dark Web for educational purpose then you should use Onion Routing with the Tor browser. Click Here.  

Thank you!
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