Chandrayaan - 2: ISRO lost contact with vikram when it was just 2.1 km distance form the surface

India's biggest dream of the year mission Chandrayaan - 2 After a 47-day journey carrying the anticipation of 1.35 billion people, Chandrayaan-2’s landing module went silent when Vikram, the lander was just 2km from the lunar surface. 

ISROchairman K Sivan said the initial path was normal but communication with Vikram was lost at 2.1km from the lunar surface and data was being analysed.

The prime minister of India (Mr.Narendra Modi) is meet in this morning to all scientists and he 
said,"What you all scientists did was not small. It was a big achievement. The entire world is proud of you. We have learnt a lot from this mission. You have done a great work for the mankind. In life, ups and downs keep happening. I thank you and stand beside you in this hour."

Chandrayaan-2 can't be called a failed mission because the orbiter has already reached the Moon's circular orbit at over 100 altitude. It is loaded with eight advanced payloads which not only will scan Moon to look for water ice and minerals and will also make 3-dimensional mapping of the map, which will help scientists from world over know the Moon better. Proud to our Indian scientists who has giving their best to our bright future. Thank you.

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