What Is Microsoft Azure And How Does It Works - 2021

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Microsoft Azure
As you know Microsoft company is always bringing us to unique and new inventions in the technology field. If you have followed Microsoft news, there's a good thing to introduce us named Microsoft Azure.Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. This cloud computing service is a big part of Microsoft's business, and it competes with similar services from Google and Amazon. 

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that works similarly to Amazon's web service and the Google Cloud Platform. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers. There are three major cloud service providers:

Use of Microsoft Azure:

Virtual machines: Creates Microsoft or Linux virtual machines within a few minutes from a wide selection of market models or customized images of your machine. These cloud-based virtual machines host your applications and services as if they reside in your data center.

SQL databases: From one to an unlimited number, Azure offers managed SQL relational databases, as a service. This saves on hardware, software, and the need for internal experience.

Azure Active Directory Domain Services: This service for Azure allows you to remotely manage group policies, authentication, and everything else.

Application services: With Azure web applications, now it's easier than ever to manage the execution, testing, and deployment of scalable web applications at the speed of your business. Predefined APIs for popular cloud services like Office 365, Salesforce, and much more accelerate development.

Visual Studio team services: These services offer a complete application lifecycle management (ALM) solution in the Microsoft cloud. Sharing and tracking changes in code, perform load tests, and deliver applications to production can be done by developers.

Storage: Microsoft provides the global infrastructure to offer safe, highly accessible data storage.
what is Microsoft Azure?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is internet-based computing where central remote servers maintain all the data and applications. or on the other hand Cloud computing is a sort of computing that depends on sharing computing resources instead of having native servers or personal devices to handle applications. with the help of cloud computing, you can make a virtual computer on the cloud. 

Here are different types of cloud:

  1. Public cloud
  2. Private cloud
  3. Hybrid cloud

Cloud Computing Applications:

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