Make Your Own Website Free and Earn Money with Adsense

Make your own website free and earn money with Adsense

How to make free blogger website and earn money
Hey guys! If you're thinking about online earn money,  then you've come to right page. One of the best option to earn money from your own website. You can share your experience or knowledge through your website and also you popular from it. 

In this article we will explain about how to make free website with blogger and earn money with adsense.

 Step - 1 

First of all you must have an email Id (Gmail account). If you do not have gmail account then you can create a gmail account

Step - 2 

After creating a gmail account you have to go Blogger.com  and simply sign in. After sign in you have display Conform your profile, Enter here you name and click to continue to blogger.

Step - 3 

You have display this page as shown below. Click create new blog
How to make money with adsense
Blogger website 

Step - 4

Now this is final step to make you website. You should give a good title to your website and a unique domain name (i.e Domain name is a unique id to identify you website form the Internet like - www.technicalskill.info). And select a theme and click create blog. See the image as shown in below of this page.

How to make money with adsense
Make a blogger website free

Step - 5 

Congratulation! now your website is created. You can write your post but we have customize our website for good looking like premium websites. (You should write here some posts for testing purpose)

Customize Your Blogger Website

First of all we will change the website theme (you can search "blogger free templates" in your browser). Here we select this theme "Pinfinity" this theme after download extract zip file and one in notepad, Select all xml file and copy it.

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