How to Recover my deleted files free

How to recover my deleted files free

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Recover deleted files

As you can see the Title of this article, Yes! This is true we can recover our deleted or corrupted files from your storage device or Recycle bin.

Most of cases when we want to clean our unwanted files from our storage device then we select all the files and delete them or so many reason for delete the files but when we want to recover that files then simply we have to go Recycle bin and recover that. But if you doesn’t find your required file in recycle bin then you very regret yourself. ( you know your recycle bin is automatically delete your data after 2 months).

Don’t worry we have solution of this problem, you can recover lots of files which have been deleted. So follow these steps without delay. Let’s start…

Step – 1

Download the “Recova” software you can also download this file from recova official site otherwise you can download our zip file and extract it.

Step – 2

After extract this file You have to simple install it on your windows platform (Windows operating system) as you can see the figure.

Step -3

Choose here what you want to recover, you can select all files and click next.

Step – 4

Choose your path where you want to recover deleted files and cleck next

Step – 5 

And then click Finish button and your recovery software is ready to go.
After some time your files are ready. You can access your files and enjoy…. Yourself

If you've face any error or problem then you can ask in comment section.

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