Eyes protection tips and tricks during work on Mobile or Computer

 Eyes protection during work on Mobile or Computer

Eyes Protection tricks

Often it happens that when we are working on computer or mobile then we are concentrate on our laptop monitor or our mobile screen which causes damage to our eyes and we have to wear glasses in compulsion. 
Continuous work on the computer, most of the pressure on our eyes and your health can worsen, and continuous monitoring of the computer screen can reduce the visibility of the eyes. The eyes are the most important part of our body. .

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The light coming out of the screen of the mobile and computer is harmful to the eyes, such as low vision, visible distances to the distant eyes, and also near sight of the blurred vision and the presence of water from the eyes, and the reason for the loss of eyesight is the reason. 

If you have any such problem or you work on a computer then the methods described here will be very helpful. By following these methods, you can avoid decreasing your eyesight and can work on computers for a long time.

It is very important to take care of the eyes, but in this digital world, it is difficult to work on a lot without looking at the computer screen, but there are some ways that you can save your eyesight from the light of computer screen.

How to protect your eyes from the light of a computer screen

Normally you should treat eye-light with a doctor, without using any home remedies without the doctor's advice.

1. Keep the computer screen 20 to 25 inches away from your eyes

While working on a computer or a laptop, keep in mind that the distance between the computer and your eyes is 20 inches apart, and better wear glasses with anti-glass glasses.

From this, the brightness coming out of the computer screen will stumble over your glasses glasses, if you work continuously on a computer, then it is very important for you.

2. Sit in front of the computer in the right way

Try as far as possible that the computer monitor is not below the bottom of a light, and the upper part of the screen must be equal to your eyes, do not leave the computer screen up or down.

In order to sit in front of the computer, you can understand this by looking at this infographic and looking at the computer screen should look down on your eyes.

3. Exercise Eyes

Eye muscles become flexible by exercising, and blood care increases in them and the eye is intensified. Regular exercises can reduce the stress of the eyes and concentration increases.

There are many types of exercise exercises, as described here

First Exercise:

Rotate the eyes of the clock in a clockwise direction for a few seconds.
For a few seconds rotate the eyes in the opposite direction of the clock.
Make this process 4 times.
Also, eyes blink after every turn.

Second Exercise:

Eyes blink frequently for 20 to 30 times.
Keep the eyes closed for some time by doing this, you can do it several times a day.

Third exercise:

Hold a pencil in front of your eyes in front of your eyes, pencil should be between your eyes and both eyes, now bring your attention to the pencil vessel, now bring this pencil in front of your eyes and take away. Can do many times a day.

Fourth Exercise:

Look at anything that is kept 2 to 3 meters away from your eyes, do this for 5 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the time, remember, do not blink during blinking, this exercise can be done for a few months every day.

4. Do not let the eyes dry

Do not let the eyes dry when working on the computer, blink frequently and when you feel that the eyes have become much happier, wash your eyes with water and open your eyes in water.

If you want to use the medicine that is in the eye for this, you can show your eyes to a good doctor and take medication from him.

5. Take good sleep

The man who works on the computer should take good and full sleep, do not work on the computer for more frequent and long time, most people who have computers and laptops are engaged in computer without any work.
If you want to keep your eyes healthy and you see the world for a long time then you should not do it, you should work on the computer only after work.

6. Eat useful food for eyes

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Green leafy vegetables make eye light faster, especially with spinach, so eat spinach's vegetable and drink plenty of water, as well as green chillies and black pepper mix more in your diet and eat fruit fruit.

Papaya is said to be beneficial for eyes, so eat papaya, eat apple marmalade. Here I am telling you some things which can keep your eyes healthy. (Consult a doctor's advice)

Almond contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidant which is beneficial to increase eye light.
Sauf consumption is beneficial for the eyes.

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