How to Prepare for Interview - 2021

Before the interview preplanning should be carried out to bolster your confidence. Before you go for the interview make sure of the following :

 1.  Check your bio-data for grammatical and spelling errors. Systematically arrange all your certificates and mark sheets in a decent folder. You should be able to produce the required document without delay. 

 2.  Be sure regarding your hobbies. For example if you have mentioned reading as a hobby, be sure about what you have been reading.

 3.  Be clear of your favorite subject and revise your academic portions thoroughly. Be sure you wear the proper dress for the interview. Never go without a tie. A well groomed look gives an image of professionalism.

 4.  Carry a pen and a pencil with you and list your achievements, academic qualifications, prior experience and extracurricular activities.

When the Interview Begins :

 1.  Before opening the door, adjust your attire so that it falls well. Enter the room with a courteous smile and confident looks. Greet the interviewer  properly.
Interview-preparation, How-to-prepare-for-interview
Interview Preparation
 2.   If the members of the interview board want to shake hands then offer a firm grip maintaining eye contact and a smile. Do not sit unless asked to do so. If the interviewers are standing wait for them to sit down first before sitting.

 3.  Take the proper seating posture on the chair. Don't lean back, sit straight with the folder neatly placed on the table. Don't say anything until the interview starts.

Facing the Panel :

 1.  Whenever the interviewer asks any questions, listen carefully. Do not interrupt him. Ask for the clarification if the question is not clear. Take a second befour you answer. Don't jump at the question. Be very clear, don't speak very slowly. Be loud enough so that the interviewers don't have to strain their ears.

 2.  The interviewer will respect your honesty. Don't make signs of deep surprise, remorse etc; Never boast about any thing including your achievements. Never enter in to an argument with the interviewer on any topic.

 3.  Sit straight and keep your body still. Your posture during the interview adds or diminishes your personality. Be well mannered. Shaking legs or sitting with arms slung over the back of the adjoining chair, must be avoided.

 4.  Maintain perfect eye contact with the panel members. Try to talk to all of them. This shows your self-confidence and honesty. Avoid slang during the interview, slang will probably not be understood and certainly not appreciated.

 5.  Avoid using frequently words and phrases like "I mean", "You know", "I know","Well", "Fine", etc. When questions are asked in English, reply them in English only. Do not use Hindi or any other languages. Avoid other Languages.

 6.  If offered a cup of tea etc. accept it gracefully but never accept cigarettes. Last but not the least, be natural. So it is best for you to talk in the natural manner.

When the Interview Ends :

1.  Thanks the interviewers. This is your marks of respect for the time the have spared for you. When you get up and are about to leave, make sure you have picked up your pen, pencil and any other paper etc; After getting up, put the chair in the proper position.

Interview-preparation, How-to-prepare-for-interview
Interview preparation

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